Friday, July 27, 2012

"CHOP YOUR OWN WOOD AND IT WILL WARM YOU TWICE". Henry Ford. I find that sometimes the most logical and the simplest ideas carry the most weight and are most memorable. I've taken so many moments to reflect on my life , my friends, my acquaintances lately. I have been so blessed in all areas.There have been many bumps in the road and I wouldn't change any of them. They have made me strong and resilient. I hope that my experiences have helped someone in some way. I truly believe that God places me where I can do the most good. I might also add that He places me where others can be there for me in my life when I need them. I hope that I never get so oblivious that I don't appreciate or listen to others.I hope that when I am gone, I will leave something good, whether it be memories or something physical. I hope that those who have gone before me realize what an impact they had on me , others, and our society. Everything happens for a reason whether we see that reason at the time. Today I wish you rose colored glasses and a great feeling of accomplishment, big or small.

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