Thursday, July 19, 2012

" If I were two faced , do you think that I'd be wearing this one?" Good quote from Abe Lincoln. I haven't been blogging in a few days , but things have been happening out of control. God is good! We had a car accident yesterday. The blessings are 1. no one was hurt. 2.We all need to know who really is in control.3. If you believe ,even the most unfortunate incidents have a silver lining. I have dealt with many wonderful people in the past few days, making this into a tolerable incident. I had a reunion with old friends yesterday and it was wonderful. Thank you Anne and Helen.Anne was in the first homeroom that I taught after college. It's raining today and I JUST WANT TO GO OUT AND PLAY IN IT. If I did they would send the men in white coats after me. I forget that I am  62. I sure don't feel it. ( I know. I look it . Smarty.) God is good .

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